Lighting Up the Campaign Trail – First Week Blitz for Poe for City Council

This week Nikki Allen Poe launched his (whirlwind, Dark Horse, sweetheart) campaign for the open at-large seat on the Philadelphia City Council, left vacant by Councilman Bill Green who is going to the School Reform Commission. The lead-up to the press conference Wednesday was about getting our message to the media, to get to the people; and the work of Campaign staff and all of our amazing supporters who contribute with your well wishes and valuable time was rewarded with impressive coverage, right out of the gate.

Sunday the Brain Trust met at the Panic Hour bunker to talk stragery and enjoy the Kitty’s confectionery prowess. Stephanie is in charge of everything.

The Brain Trust

The Brain Trust

Monday we were at the Scrapple TV studio, shooting campaign videos to inform the public of Poe’s position on ending mandatory arrests for marijuana, putting a stop to Stop and Frisk, and doing away with the predatory and, let’s face it, unfashionable Philadelphia Parking Authority.  The videos we made at Scrapple were ultra-high quality, Dreamworks calibre productions, as always. Watch the official campaign video there, and the one explaining Poe’s position on marijuana.


Before he made his official announcement midweek, Poe’s candidacy was already being broadcast and printed locally as well as nationally. He appeared, remotely, on The Russ Belville Show,  NA Poe for Philadelphia City Council, was on CBS radio and online news with journalist Mike Dunn,  “Local Activist Who Fights For Marijuana Legalization Enters City Council Race.” 

The Philly Daily News’ Political Editor Christopher Brennan covered Poe’s nomination, for both the online story and on page 6 of the Daily News print edition, “Libertarian Party picks pot activist”

Ladybud published a great Q & A with Our Man Poe on Monday too, read it here for a good overview of what our candidate is all about.

Marilyn D’Angelo  for Party Politic covered the release of our first official media – N.A. Poe: Philly’s Libertarian candidate for Council At-Large releases campaign video, and Celebstoner gave Poe a shoutout.

Not one outlet or station has bothered to take any digs or punch below the belt, in fact Phawker gave Our Man Poe a glowing endorsement.

A valiant pre-press conference attempt to make our candidate prettier.

A valiant pre-press conference attempt to make our candidate prettier.

Wednesday we held our first official press conference with supporters and the media at the Rocky Balboa statue in front of the Art Museum (let’s hear it for the underdog!)

Phawker was there to cover the announcement, and their piece demonstrates how easy it is to see through the jokes that Our Man Poe is not kidding about stopping abuses in Philadelphia.

Local Libertarian icon and noted stud-muffin Michael Salvi graced our candidate with an endorsement

These photos by our Media Goddess Vanessa Maria sum up the press conference and how awesome we are


Councilman Poe and the First Kitty

Councilman Poe and the First Kitty


Christopher Monko of Dude Where’s My Change? has been indispensable on the camera and in production, his latest video, from the Rocky statue:

Party Politic has continued to provide coverage of Poe’s bid with “A Common Sense Approach to Cannabis.”

Thursday we began our campus outreach, with a visit to the Temple University Students for Liberty who are, in a word, bad-asses. We discussed pot decriminalization and stop and frisk and the special concern thereof to college students. They agreed to help us get students out to vote, a we’re going to have a table out this Thursday at the bell tower on Temple’s campus to register voters and spread the good tidings of Poe.

In the bullpen with the Temple Students for Liberty Thursday evening.

In the bullpen with the Temple Students for Liberty Thursday evening.

We have more big events in store this week, and we want you at each and every one. We will be at the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center Monday to highlight our position that the fusion center should be defunded. Tuesday we head to District Attorney Seth Williams office to draw attention to stalled pot legislation. Wednesday is End Stop and Frisk day at the 22nd Police District (whose residents are perennial victims). Thursday we’ll be at the Philadelphia Parking Authority in Center City to call for the PPA’s abolishment, and Friday is End the Machine Day at the Electrician Union Headquarters (spark a change indeed *rimshot*).



During this short run we have already seen that we have advantage-ninja when it comes to social media and promotional materials. Our wonderful friends are making all the right kind of noise (and pictures and videos), while it’s nothing but crickets from the other two candidates.

10154104_787220277969470_8762663743290071335_n 1982065_787300567961441_4912519646921702578_n

To help us with campaign expenses (your money will be used to print fliers and for other promotional needs, and depending on the amount raised, we’d love to be able to treat our hard-working videographers and producers like paid interns, because working for free is bullshit), please go to, you can just enter our email and securely send us cheese.

We love you for helping us Spark a Change.


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