On with the People’s Business, Sparking a Change

Yesterday our candidate traveled to Allentown for a hearing before Judge Perkin, who sentenced Poe to 1 year of probation in December. The purpose of the hearing was to decide whether the US Probation Office would be permitted to modify the conditions of Poe’s sentence, to ban his association with several named individuals and organizations, and prohibit Mr. Poe from any discussion of an upcoming event. The Poe for City Council Campaign is delighted to announce that Judge Perkin did not prohibit the candidate from contact with any specific individual (the Probation office’s list of names included Poe’s domestic partner), and while he did offer our candidate a strong admonishment that he could not “associate with persons engaged in committed criminal activity or who promote criminal activity,” this condition was an element of the original sentence.

Now that this matter is disposed, neither Poe nor the Campaign staff expect more issues from the US Probation office. Poe will not be failing any more drug tests. We cannot promise that the federal authorities will not continue their efforts to restrict Poe’s freedom as a vehicle to suppress the speech and expression of those who share his disdain for the Drug War, but we can assure you that any such moves by the government will not be invoked by violate activity by Poe.

We are so excited about the next few days of events, and we hope to see you everywhere. Today at 1 we’ll be at the Belltower on Temple’s Campus with Students for Liberty, registering voters and talking issues and concerns for college students.  Then at 7 tonight Poe will host Laughs for Eli: Comedy Fundraiser for the Eli Matthews Foundation, which benefit the fight against childhood Leukemia.  And Saturday, also at Underground Arts, Our Man will MC another event, THE PANIC HOUR PRESENTS: 4/20 EVE EXTRAVAGANJA, with performers American Babies, the Heavy Pets, SensaMotion Band.

Monday we begin Poe’s Tour of Philly, a calendar of appearances throughout the city which will highlight our platform, stay tuned for details. Also on Monday, Poe will hold a Reddit AMA at 4pm, to make-up for last’s night’s scheduled AMA, which our candidate sadly missed due to a vehicle accident.

We’re still striking, still here to Spark a Change.


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