Share Your PPA Horror Stories!

The Parking Wars didn’t pick Philly for no reason, and just about everyone has a tale about the Parking Police which is darker than anything ever shown on A&E.


The Poe for Council Campaign wants to hear your horror stories about the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Tell us here in the comments, or on our Boot the PPA event page, or email to We already have one:

From James on Facebook:

My friend Carolanne only has one leg, so she has a hanging placard to use when she accompanies a friend to a destination in their car. Six months or so ago she went out with a group of friends and parked in front of the WaWa at approximately 2nd and Lombard, in a handicapped spot. When the evening was over they returned to find the car had been towed. She was forced to go home in a cab while her friends took another cab to the impound lot. AFTER paying to retrieve their car, they were taken to it to see the placard still hanging exactly where it had been the whole time. They contested this in court…AND LOST.

The PPA is filth.

Bring your stories and your signs and meet us at 3 pm on May 9th for Boot the PPA.


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