From the Cover of the Metro to the Necrosexual’s Lair: Press Wrap-up for the Election Homestretch

The past week and a half have been chock-full of media coverage of the Poe for City Council campaign – we put together this overview so that Philadelphians could check out what is being written about Poe all in one place. We’ll dive right into it after mentioning that while Poe was on the cover of the Metro and had a full page in the last Philadelphia Weekly, his favored opponent Ed Neilson gets his print from buying ad space. On we go –

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Philadelphia Weekly: The Comedian Who Would Be Councilman, by Randy Lobasso

A great piece after a long interview by Lobasso of the candidate, this part of PW’s cover story on the election featured Poe’s development as an activist into a politician, and the history and dynamics of our campaign team.

And those involved with his effort have been staking out cars in Center City with a ticket tucked under a front windshield wiper. When finding one, they’d stick their own ticket of sorts next to it.

It’s a black-and-white print-out reading “Boot the PPA,” inviting those who’ve parked illegally to their Friday rally in front of the PPA’s office and court on Filbert Street in Center City. And there are stickers. They read: “If elected to City Council, Nikki Allen Poe will Abolish the PPA.

Poe is the only candidate to be interviewed by the Necrosexual, check out the video, The Necrosexual’s Lair: Nikki Allen Poe:

“Most politicians have to turn to Satan to get elected, I just figured, I’d come to your mom’s house.”


Newsworks/WHYY/NBC Philadelphia: Primary day in Philly includes a special election for City Council, by Tom MacDonald

Poe met with MacDonald early last week for this special election feature, which was also broadcast on WHYY radio:

The wild card in this race is Nikki Allen Poe, a comedian and self-proclaimed marijuana protester who is running under the Libertarian banner. Poe spent time in jail for smoking pot in public, but said this is his opportunity to fight from the inside.

“I mean, let’s be honest, the guys I am running against are dinosaurs. They really don’t know how to use social media to engage the public,” Poe said. “I think the 50-day campaign was the best way for me to do this because I wouldn’t be able to run in a longer capacity. So it’s been a great experience.”

If elected Poe, said he would loan his city car out to constituents for their use.

“I’m trying to use humor as a weapon to be able to desensitize people to the idea of changing over to someone that’s a little bit different,” Poe said.

Newsworks also covered Poe’s rally at the Philadelphia Parking Authority, City Council candidate vows to abolish Philly Parking Authority, by Kimberly Paynter.

PHAWKER: ENDORSEMENT: N.A. Poe for City Council

We were delighted that Phawker submitted very comprehensive questions to the candidate, and published Poe’s answers in their entirety. A selection, Poe on Stop and Frisk:

PHAWKER: You are running on the promise to end stop-and-frisk. What do you say to supporters of the policy that say it takes illegal guns off the streets and is responsible for significantly lowering the once-skyrocketing murder rate in the city?

N.A. POE: I would say that the numbers in around this issue flatly contradict both claims. While Philly has understandably touted its reduced murder rate over the past few years, in places like the 22nd District and other “high crime zones,” where people of color are being shaken down without cause, violent crime has in fact gone up. So unless the argument is that harassing black kids in poor neighborhoods has somehow scared them away from killing people in Old City, which would be hard to defend logically and morally, holding on to this policy of terror has no upside.

Metro Philadelphia: N.A. Poe runs for City Council: ‘How hard can it be?’, by A.D. Amorosi

Poe managed to get his comely mug on the cover of the Metro, the most widely read daily in Philly. Amorosi’s article focused on Poe’s underdog status, his role as a comedian, and the very serious nature of what he is trying to accomplish.

A cinch? Who knows. But certainly a serious attempt at being heard. “I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a Libertarian, but I’m definitely liberty-minded,” said Poe. “I’m sick of corruption in City Hall, union control of politics and crooked cops. I’m running on the platform of pot decriminalization, ending the racist stop-and-frisk policy and stopping this city’s funding of the Orwellian Fusion Center that’s collecting our data. City politics no longer work for the people of this city.”

You’re not laughing now.


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