Comedian N.A. Poe, a Philadelphia native, is the creator and ringleader of the Panic Hour, a media collective and activist comedy crew which hosts events, distributes radical media, and collaborates with with PhillyNORML to legalize marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania. They host a monthly event, “Smoke Down Prohibition,” a civil disobedience protest where hundreds of people gather for a rally and a”moment of cannabis reflection” at 4:20 pm. The Smoke Downs, originally created by N.A. Poe, have been happening in Philadelphia at Independence National Historic Park since December of 2012.

As a marijuana activist, Poe has gained local and national notoriety for speaking publicly about cannabis prohibition and organizing people in the Delaware Valley to call for an end to prohibition. The story of his arrest with Adam Kokesh was the subject of a 2013 Philadelphia fringe festival play, Federal Detention: The Musical. Poe’s activism has been featured in the local press and national publications such as Vice Magazine and High Times. He was recently honored as one of High Times magazine’s “Freedom Fighter of the Month” for September 2013.

Poe is also known for his work as a stand up comedian. His work centers around post 9-11 Orwellian American society, his work in marijuana reform and the obligatory dick jokes. He has opened for national acts such as Rob Cantrell Poe has been doing TV and radio for several years as the host of the Panic Hour Podcast and as the creator of “We the Sheeple” a weekly collaboration with Woodshop Films and Scrapple TV. More recently, he has hosted and been invited to speak at large marijuana related events such as the 24th Annual Boston Freedom Rally, the Lancaster Hemp Rally and hosted the 2013 Hemp Heals Music Festival.


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