These first few weeks on the campaign trail have been busy and altogether amazing, and we have many more events planned throughout the city in the little over a month before the election on May 20th. The last day to register is April 21st, and anyone who has resided in the city for 30 days is eligible. Tomorrow night Poe is the Ring Master at Underground Arts, we’re planning a roast of the candidate, and look out for an announcement of a debate in the near future.  But what we would really love is if you would tell us where you want us to come and when, and so we have left most of our calendar open.

Community organizations, neighborhood associations, book clubs, political collectives, and interest groups as well as individuals, sentient machines, and benevolent figments of our imagination: Do you have an event you’d like Poe to attend, or is there something he needs to see, or someone he needs to speak to? Is there a problem in your neighborhood that no one seems able or willing to do anything about?

Please email us at poe4citycouncil@gmail.com, post in the comments here, or to our facebook page (or tweet at us)   with contact information and as much detail as you’d like you give.

Poe has been campaigning on a platform which includes some very specific measures, but just like our calendar is still incomplete, in the same way we need the community’s help building solutions that make sense for the community’s members. We have plenty of officials already at City Hall who act as trustees, making summary decisions which are supposedly on behalf of people from whom they are in fact  detached. Poe will take office as Philadelphia City Councilor  At Large to be a delegate, an emissary who carries the wishes of those he represents to see it carried out in their government. We want to start now so that when we win the election and then take office, we will bring a blueprint for solutions already designed with our Philadelphia neighborhood. We like to make you laugh with our videos, but they are really to get your attention, because we need not just your vote, but your active help. This camapign truly is, absolutely no pun intended, as grassroots as it gets, and Poe is as tired as you are of screaming at the walls of Dilworth and getting only his own echo in return.  Answers have come due.




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