Media Advisory – BOOT THE PPA – MAY 9th – 3 PM

City Council Candidate, Nikki Allen Poe to Hold a “Boot the PPA Rally”
Friday at the Philadelphia Parking Authority


Friday, May 8, 2014

Philadelphia, PA – Libertarian City Council At-Large Candidate, Nikki Allen Poe will hold a rally at the Philadelphia Parking Authority headquarters tomorrow, Friday, May 9th at 3pm at 913 Filbert Street in order to protest the predatory practices of the agency.

His campaign released a promotional video encouraging the public to attend the rally and “Boot the PPA.”

“The Parking Authority’s abuses have gone on too long with out any sort of accountability from elected officials who are supposed to be overseeing these agencies and protecting us from corruption. A review or audit of their ticketing and fining practices needs to happen immediately. We are asking the public to join us at the PPA tomorrow to stand up against their predatory practices and demand reforms in the way they do business in this city,” states candidate Nikki Allen Poe.

Other concerns the Poe for City Council campaign have with the PPA are: the proposed new meter rate hikes, the decreasing amounts of funding the School District of Philadelphia is receiving from the PPA, the cost prohibitive nature of the fines imposed by the PPA for low income Philadelphians, and the practice of hard backing (where people get ticketed and face fines with out ever receiving paper tickets). The Philadelphia Parking Authority tickets about 4200 vehicles and boots about 100 vehicles a day.

“We are done standing around idly and letting the PPA and other failed programs take our hard earned money. Something’s got to give,” says Poe.

Poe will be on the ballot in the special election being held on May 20, 2014. He will be running against candidates, Ed Neilson (D) and Matt Wolfe (R). He has launched a website, Facebook page, and campaign video to provide the public with more information about his campaign. Poe is running for City Council on a platform which calls for a complete audit of the Parking Authority, an end to the racist stop and frisk program, decriminalization of marijuana, and an end to city funding for the intelligence gathering Fusion Center.

For more information, please contact:

Campaign Manager: Kenneth Lipp – (267) 349-2992


Twitter: @poe4citycouncil


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