Media Advisory – Poe to Announce Candidacy at Press Conference on 4/9

Media Advisory

Marijuana Activist and Comedian, Nikki Allen Poe to run for At-Large City Council Seat in Philadelphia on the Libertarian Party Ticket

April 7, 2014


Philadelphia, PA – Nikki Allen Poe, also known as N.A. Poe, will officially announce his candidacy for the at-large city council seat vacated by Bill Green on Wednesday, April 9th at 4:20 pm at a press conference to be held at the Rocky Statue in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


Poe will run for the city council seat as the Libertarian nominee, but his campaign will touch on issues which transcend all political parties. At the press conference Poe will provide an outline of his platform which includes plans to decriminalize marijuana, abolish the Philadelphia Parking authority, end the stop and frisk and curfew programs, increase opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and reverse the ban on feeding the homeless in public.


He is best known for organizing the monthly marijuana protests at the Liberty Bell, Smoke Down Prohibition, with his group the Panic Hour. He made national headlines last year for being arrested and being placed on federal probation for smoking a joint during a mass civil disobedience at the protest and for being an avid free speech activist.


Poe’s motivation to run for office is inspired by wanting to end the corruption and pay to play contracts which plague Philadelphia politics, “I’m running for city-council because I want to represent the people of Philadelphia in City Hall. I think Philadelphians have had enough of the corruption and the lack of opportunities presented to them by both of the other parties. Philadelphians need someone who is actually going to work for them and not some special interests. I want to provide them with an alternative and start a real conversation about how the community can work together to address these issues that are affecting their daily lives.”


Poe will be on the ballot in the special election being held on May 20, 2014. He will be running against candidates, Ed Neilson (D) and Matt Wolfe (R). He has launched a website, Facebook page, and campaign video to provide the public with more information about his campaign.


For more information, please contact:

Vanessa Maria – Press Liaison

(267) 368-4202(267) 368-4202


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