Poe Joins Local Artist’s Eminent Domain Fight, Will Visit Open House Today


For Immediate Release

April 26 – Today City Council candidate Nikki Allen Poe joined the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania along with many art and political organizations from throughout the nation insupporting renowned Mantua artist James Dupree, whose property was condemned through an eminent domain move by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA). Poe calls on Mayor Nutter and the City Council to immediately cease all action to seize or alter Mr. Dupree’s property.

[Photo of Dupree Studios Inc via Air BnB]

Dupree is holding an open house at his studio at 3617-19 Haverford Avenue today, from 2 pm to 9 pm, and Poe will be in attendance this afternoon to show his support for saving a landmark and the life’s work of an iconic Philadelphian.

“They aren’t just forcing a a cultural staple at the heart of the community, that gives it identity, to pack his bags for the supposed better good. Gentrification is nothing new and I oppose people being evicted to suit commercial interests in general – but Mr. Dupree has said himself that it was the price the City wouldn’t let him refuse, $600,000, a third of his property’s value, that makes the theft so cavalier and offensive. Mayor Nutter and the PRA need to keep their vision off of the property of our our people,” said Poe.


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