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From the Cover of the Metro to the Necrosexual’s Lair: Press Wrap-up for the Election Homestretch

The past week and a half have been chock-full of media coverage of the Poe for City Council campaign – we put together this overview so that Philadelphians could check out what is being written about Poe all in one place. We’ll dive right into it after mentioning that while Poe was on the cover of the Metro and had a full page in the last Philadelphia Weekly, his favored opponent Ed Neilson gets his print from buying ad space. On we go –

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Philadelphia Weekly: The Comedian Who Would Be Councilman, by Randy Lobasso

A great piece after a long interview by Lobasso of the candidate, this part of PW’s cover story on the election featured Poe’s development as an activist into a politician, and the history and dynamics of our campaign team.

And those involved with his effort have been staking out cars in Center City with a ticket tucked under a front windshield wiper. When finding one, they’d stick their own ticket of sorts next to it.

It’s a black-and-white print-out reading “Boot the PPA,” inviting those who’ve parked illegally to their Friday rally in front of the PPA’s office and court on Filbert Street in Center City. And there are stickers. They read: “If elected to City Council, Nikki Allen Poe will Abolish the PPA.

Poe is the only candidate to be interviewed by the Necrosexual, check out the video, The Necrosexual’s Lair: Nikki Allen Poe:

“Most politicians have to turn to Satan to get elected, I just figured, I’d come to your mom’s house.”


Newsworks/WHYY/NBC Philadelphia: Primary day in Philly includes a special election for City Council, by Tom MacDonald

Poe met with MacDonald early last week for this special election feature, which was also broadcast on WHYY radio:

The wild card in this race is Nikki Allen Poe, a comedian and self-proclaimed marijuana protester who is running under the Libertarian banner. Poe spent time in jail for smoking pot in public, but said this is his opportunity to fight from the inside.

“I mean, let’s be honest, the guys I am running against are dinosaurs. They really don’t know how to use social media to engage the public,” Poe said. “I think the 50-day campaign was the best way for me to do this because I wouldn’t be able to run in a longer capacity. So it’s been a great experience.”

If elected Poe, said he would loan his city car out to constituents for their use.

“I’m trying to use humor as a weapon to be able to desensitize people to the idea of changing over to someone that’s a little bit different,” Poe said.

Newsworks also covered Poe’s rally at the Philadelphia Parking Authority, City Council candidate vows to abolish Philly Parking Authority, by Kimberly Paynter.

PHAWKER: ENDORSEMENT: N.A. Poe for City Council

We were delighted that Phawker submitted very comprehensive questions to the candidate, and published Poe’s answers in their entirety. A selection, Poe on Stop and Frisk:

PHAWKER: You are running on the promise to end stop-and-frisk. What do you say to supporters of the policy that say it takes illegal guns off the streets and is responsible for significantly lowering the once-skyrocketing murder rate in the city?

N.A. POE: I would say that the numbers in around this issue flatly contradict both claims. While Philly has understandably touted its reduced murder rate over the past few years, in places like the 22nd District and other “high crime zones,” where people of color are being shaken down without cause, violent crime has in fact gone up. So unless the argument is that harassing black kids in poor neighborhoods has somehow scared them away from killing people in Old City, which would be hard to defend logically and morally, holding on to this policy of terror has no upside.

Metro Philadelphia: N.A. Poe runs for City Council: ‘How hard can it be?’, by A.D. Amorosi

Poe managed to get his comely mug on the cover of the Metro, the most widely read daily in Philly. Amorosi’s article focused on Poe’s underdog status, his role as a comedian, and the very serious nature of what he is trying to accomplish.

A cinch? Who knows. But certainly a serious attempt at being heard. “I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a Libertarian, but I’m definitely liberty-minded,” said Poe. “I’m sick of corruption in City Hall, union control of politics and crooked cops. I’m running on the platform of pot decriminalization, ending the racist stop-and-frisk policy and stopping this city’s funding of the Orwellian Fusion Center that’s collecting our data. City politics no longer work for the people of this city.”

You’re not laughing now.


A Last Message from Poe to Philadelphians

With the campaign winding down and the elections this Tuesday, Poe wanted to send one last no bullshit message to Philadelphia about the choice you have on May 20th – the same old smiling in your face from politicians while they pick your pocket, or madman with a rebel streak and a passion for transparency and government accountability. A selection from this final message, which you can watch in its entirety above:

I don’t have any political experience or friends in high places… although most of my friends are high most of the time.
In all honesty I’m just a foul-mouthed comic with a high school education, a disdain for the people in power and a criminal record.

But you know what?
I’m pissed off, and you should be too, that the people running this city have abandoned us.

Our schools are closing.
Comcast corporation is given tax breaks to sustain its monopoly.
There are cops everywhere but justice nowhere,.
the city council ethics committee hasn’t met in 2 decades.
The city has spent over $20 million on a fusion center to spy on us.
4000 people were locked up for weed last year.
The political machine and the unions appoint people to elected positions.

enough is enough.

You know where Poe stands, and that  he is eager for a conversation about how else we can make this city better, because Poe knows it is his job to listen to you.

Poe, Wolfe, and Johnny Doc's boy.

Poe, Wolfe, and Johnny Doc’s boy.

There is so much to talk about and only 5 days left before the election. If you want to keep talking until we build solutions for this great city, our home, you really do have choice: You can vote for someone who does not owe his job to powerful people and the influence of money, or you stay home or vote for Ed Neilson and get more of the same old shit. You should Spark a Change.

Find where to vote, enter your address on this website: PA Voter Services – Find Your Polling Place

And thanks as always to our Politburo

Media Advisory – BOOT THE PPA – MAY 9th – 3 PM

City Council Candidate, Nikki Allen Poe to Hold a “Boot the PPA Rally”
Friday at the Philadelphia Parking Authority


Friday, May 8, 2014

Philadelphia, PA – Libertarian City Council At-Large Candidate, Nikki Allen Poe will hold a rally at the Philadelphia Parking Authority headquarters tomorrow, Friday, May 9th at 3pm at 913 Filbert Street in order to protest the predatory practices of the agency.

His campaign released a promotional video encouraging the public to attend the rally and “Boot the PPA.”

“The Parking Authority’s abuses have gone on too long with out any sort of accountability from elected officials who are supposed to be overseeing these agencies and protecting us from corruption. A review or audit of their ticketing and fining practices needs to happen immediately. We are asking the public to join us at the PPA tomorrow to stand up against their predatory practices and demand reforms in the way they do business in this city,” states candidate Nikki Allen Poe.

Other concerns the Poe for City Council campaign have with the PPA are: the proposed new meter rate hikes, the decreasing amounts of funding the School District of Philadelphia is receiving from the PPA, the cost prohibitive nature of the fines imposed by the PPA for low income Philadelphians, and the practice of hard backing (where people get ticketed and face fines with out ever receiving paper tickets). The Philadelphia Parking Authority tickets about 4200 vehicles and boots about 100 vehicles a day.

“We are done standing around idly and letting the PPA and other failed programs take our hard earned money. Something’s got to give,” says Poe.

Poe will be on the ballot in the special election being held on May 20, 2014. He will be running against candidates, Ed Neilson (D) and Matt Wolfe (R). He has launched a website, Facebook page, and campaign video to provide the public with more information about his campaign. Poe is running for City Council on a platform which calls for a complete audit of the Parking Authority, an end to the racist stop and frisk program, decriminalization of marijuana, and an end to city funding for the intelligence gathering Fusion Center.

For more information, please contact:

Campaign Manager: Kenneth Lipp – (267) 349-2992


Twitter: @poe4citycouncil

Share Your PPA Horror Stories!

The Parking Wars didn’t pick Philly for no reason, and just about everyone has a tale about the Parking Police which is darker than anything ever shown on A&E.


The Poe for Council Campaign wants to hear your horror stories about the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Tell us here in the comments, or on our Boot the PPA event page, or email to We already have one:

From James on Facebook:

My friend Carolanne only has one leg, so she has a hanging placard to use when she accompanies a friend to a destination in their car. Six months or so ago she went out with a group of friends and parked in front of the WaWa at approximately 2nd and Lombard, in a handicapped spot. When the evening was over they returned to find the car had been towed. She was forced to go home in a cab while her friends took another cab to the impound lot. AFTER paying to retrieve their car, they were taken to it to see the placard still hanging exactly where it had been the whole time. They contested this in court…AND LOST.

The PPA is filth.

Bring your stories and your signs and meet us at 3 pm on May 9th for Boot the PPA.

Poe Joins Local Artist’s Eminent Domain Fight, Will Visit Open House Today

For Immediate Release

April 26 – Today City Council candidate Nikki Allen Poe joined the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania along with many art and political organizations from throughout the nation in supporting renowned Mantua artist James Dupree, whose property was condemned through an eminent domain move by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA). Poe calls on Mayor Nutter and the City Council to immediately cease all action to seize or alter Mr. Dupree’s property.

[Photo of Dupree Studios Inc via Air BnB]

[Photo of Dupree Studios Inc via Air BnB]

Dupree is holding an open house at his studio at 3617-19 Haverford Avenue today, from 2 pm to 9 pm, and Poe will be in attendance this afternoon to show his support for saving a landmark and the life’s work of an iconic Philadelphian.

“They aren’t just forcing a a cultural staple at the heart of the community, that gives it identity, to pack his bags for the supposed better good. Gentrification is nothing new and I oppose people being evicted to suit commercial interests in general – but Mr. Dupree has said himself that it was the price the City wouldn’t let him refuse, $600,000, a third of his property’s value, that makes the theft so cavalier and offensive. Mayor Nutter and the PRA need to keep their vision off of the property of our people,” said Poe.

Public Safety and Police Accountability – Poe’s Tour of Philly Week One – April 27 through May 3

Poe is visiting as many communities as possible between now and the May 20th election, to get to know all of Philadelphia, and to let all of you get to know him. He is making the next few weeks of appearances a tour to feature his platform, and just as importantly, to have you help him add to it.

Our first week we will be highlighting our Public Safety and Police Accountability focus.

Monday we will be outside the Philadelphia Family Court, by the Free Library, to show our support for high school student Darrin Manning at his status hearing. Darrin Manning was stopped by Philly Police in January for running while black and hooded, and the encounter, for which he faces multiple charges, ended with an operation at Children’s Hospital for trauma to the young man’s testicle.

Family Court

Family Court

Local media reported with much finger-wagging and tsk’ing that the initial claim that the boy’s testicle was “ruptured” did not match the description in medical reports.  Poe does not believe the City of Philadelphia’s police has or should have a policy which includes squeezing or tugging a juvenile’s genitals under any circumstances, and the noise over the discrepancy in the hospital record further miss the point: that the aggressive stop and arrest of Manning was conducted without reasonable suspicion, in violation of the 4th Amendment, and constitutes racial profiling, a violation of the 4th Amendment under the color of law.

Video of the incident was released by the police, and you can see for yourself if you think officers acted reasonably and appropriately.

We will be at the courthouse at 8:15 AM, joining calls to drop the standing charges against Manning, and listening to other supporters talk about the case and their own experiences.

The rest of the week will include visits to at least 5 Police Districts: the 12th, 15th, 19th, 22nd (location of the Manning incident), and the 25th. We chose these locations based on the number of complaints filed with the Police Advisory Commission for each district.

This data is available online, and we have created a PDF, embedded below, for you to view PAC complaints in total, with separate pages for our selected districts.

Later next week, we’ll also be at District Attorney Seth William’s office to draw attention to stalled Bill 140001-A to end mandatory custodial arrest for possession of small amounts of marijuana, which has been held up in bureaucracy.