Police Accountability and Sensible Law Enforcement

Poe will expose and demand an end to abusive policing practices, fight for the decriminalization of marijuana, and demand that the city end the million dollar a year  funding to the DVIC Fusion Center.

Transparency and Oversight, Ridding a Corrupt  City Government of Machine Politics 

City Hall is filled with elected officials and bureaucrats who owe their jobs to someone, who in turn owe their jobs to someone else, and in all the back-scratching, buck-passing, and big-talking what you find is that almost an entire operation which is actually in the People’s employ is working only to sustain its own toxic grip on Philly.

Poe will call for the Ethic Committee, which has not met since 1993, to immediately reconvene and to retroactively review the official business from the last two years. Audit the books, read the testimony, publish the contracts, and trim the filthy fat.

Abolish the Philadelphia Parking Authority

Poe intends to audit the books of the PPA, a predatory element which could be liquidated or commandeered for purposes that benefit the Philly community,  like funding education and expanding public transit in lower income neighborhoods.


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