End Stop and Frisk

Philly Police agreed  in 2011, per a consent decree known as the Bailey Agreement, to submit to monitoring by court-appointed advocates to insure that investigative stops, known as stop and frisks, were not being conducted without reasonable suspicion required by the Constitution. The Department had been sued in a class action over racial profiling in its search practices, and though the ACLU says the PPD has improved since the agreement, they also found that almost half of stops were still conducted in violation of the 4th Amendment, and disproportionately of people of color.

Poe will not submit to pressure from the Police or the FOP in demanding accountability from our custodians of public safety. He will seek to greater incorporate and empower the Police Advisory Commission to investigate complaints against officers, and work to insure that discipline for abuses is not vetoed by friends of the powerful Fraternal of Police Lodge 5.


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