Public Safety and Police Accountability – Poe’s Tour of Philly Week One – April 27 through May 3

Poe is visiting as many communities as possible between now and the May 20th election, to get to know all of Philadelphia, and to let all of you get to know him. He is making the next few weeks of appearances a tour to feature his platform, and just as importantly, to have you help him add to it.

Our first week we will be highlighting our Public Safety and Police Accountability focus.

Monday we will be outside the Philadelphia Family Court, by the Free Library, to show our support for high school student Darrin Manning at his status hearing. Darrin Manning was stopped by Philly Police in January for running while black and hooded, and the encounter, for which he faces multiple charges, ended with an operation at Children’s Hospital for trauma to the young man’s testicle.

Family Court

Family Court

Local media reported with much finger-wagging and tsk’ing that the initial claim that the boy’s testicle was “ruptured” did not match the description in medical reports.  Poe does not believe the City of Philadelphia’s police has or should have a policy which includes squeezing or tugging a juvenile’s genitals under any circumstances, and the noise over the discrepancy in the hospital record further miss the point: that the aggressive stop and arrest of Manning was conducted without reasonable suspicion, in violation of the 4th Amendment, and constitutes racial profiling, a violation of the 4th Amendment under the color of law.

Video of the incident was released by the police, and you can see for yourself if you think officers acted reasonably and appropriately.

We will be at the courthouse at 8:15 AM, joining calls to drop the standing charges against Manning, and listening to other supporters talk about the case and their own experiences.

The rest of the week will include visits to at least 5 Police Districts: the 12th, 15th, 19th, 22nd (location of the Manning incident), and the 25th. We chose these locations based on the number of complaints filed with the Police Advisory Commission for each district.

This data is available online, and we have created a PDF, embedded below, for you to view PAC complaints in total, with separate pages for our selected districts.

Later next week, we’ll also be at District Attorney Seth William’s office to draw attention to stalled Bill 140001-A to end mandatory custodial arrest for possession of small amounts of marijuana, which has been held up in bureaucracy.


AMA Today at 4 PM –

The wreck which delayed last Wednesdays AMA nearly killed Poe and left him horribly disfigured. Here he is grabbing a pic with Satan before his heart started beating again and he came flying back up from Hell.

The wreck which delayed last Wednesday’s AMA nearly killed Poe and left him horribly disfigured. Here he is grabbing a pic with Satan before his heart started beating again and he came flying back up from Hell.

Join Poe at 4 PM today for a no holds barred online interrogation, his “Ask Me Anything” (for the non-redditors who are afraid to ask what AMA means).

After rescheduling this AMA due to being a passenger in a car accident Wednesday I will host my AMA as stated today at 4pm, so leave your questions comments or concerns here and I will start responding at 4pm. Until then, check out this interview I did with journalists from the Philly Declaration and the secrets they have found about the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center: 

City Council Candidate Nikki Allen Poe AMA 4pm Today

Poe’s Tour of Philly, An Invitation to the Community

These first few weeks on the campaign trail have been busy and altogether amazing, and we have many more events planned throughout the city in the little over a month before the election on May 20th. The last day to register is April 21st, and anyone who has resided in the city for 30 days is eligible. Tomorrow night Poe is the Ring Master at Underground Arts, we’re planning a roast of the candidate, and look out for an announcement of a debate in the near future.  But what we would really love is if you would tell us where you want us to come and when, and so we have left most of our calendar open.

Community organizations, neighborhood associations, book clubs, political collectives, and interest groups as well as individuals, sentient machines, and benevolent figments of our imagination: Do you have an event you’d like Poe to attend, or is there something he needs to see, or someone he needs to speak to? Is there a problem in your neighborhood that no one seems able or willing to do anything about?

Please email us at, post in the comments here, or to our facebook page (or tweet at us)   with contact information and as much detail as you’d like you give.

Poe has been campaigning on a platform which includes some very specific measures, but just like our calendar is still incomplete, in the same way we need the community’s help building solutions that make sense for the community’s members. We have plenty of officials already at City Hall who act as trustees, making summary decisions which are supposedly on behalf of people from whom they are in fact  detached. Poe will take office as Philadelphia City Councilor  At Large to be a delegate, an emissary who carries the wishes of those he represents to see it carried out in their government. We want to start now so that when we win the election and then take office, we will bring a blueprint for solutions already designed with our Philadelphia neighborhood. We like to make you laugh with our videos, but they are really to get your attention, because we need not just your vote, but your active help. This camapign truly is, absolutely no pun intended, as grassroots as it gets, and Poe is as tired as you are of screaming at the walls of Dilworth and getting only his own echo in return.  Answers have come due.



The Only Fair Interview Poe Will Ever Receive

More great work from our very good friends, nay, patrons, at  “NA Poe Interviews NA Poe.”

We knew that there would be a massive propaganda campaign in the national mainstream media to smear our candidate, so we decided the only way to give Poe a fair shake to get his message to the people would be to have him interviewed by a man of true integrity, himself. Vote N.A. Poe, pure as the driven snow.

NA Poe Interviews NA Poe [Panic Hour] Philadelphia City Council Election - Scrapple TV

NA Poe Interviews NA Poe [Panic Hour] Philadelphia City Council Election – Scrapple TV

Poe Hosting Comedy Fundraiser to Benefit Fight Against Childhood Leukemia

Poe started out as a comedian, and has found that his love for entertaining people can be used to empower them as well. That’s why Poe started Smokedown and it is what led to his decision to run for Philadelphia City Council. Join Poe in his native habitat tonight, using comedy for good, at Underground Arts as he hosts a comedy fundraiser to benefit the Eli Matthews Foundation. Eli was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at the age of 6, fighting the disease bravely through multiple remissions until he died on January 20, 2011, at the age of 10. The foundation funds research into a cure for ALL.

The show tonight starts at 7 PM at Underground Arts, 1200 Callowhill Street.

Eli Matthews, for whom the Foundation is named, died of Leukemia in 2011

Eli Matthews, for whom the Foundation is named, died of Leukemia in 2011

Poe for City Council at Temple University Thursday Afternoon with Students for Liberty

We met with the Temple University Students for Liberty last week about helping with the Poe for City Council Campaign. The students we met were extremely thoughtful and anxious to participate, and we are very grateful to have their skills and drive backing us in our run. They’ve arranged an event today at the Bell Tower on Temple’s campus from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, where we’ll be with Poe and other supporters to register voters and spread our message. From the Facebook event page:

Join TUSFL, YAL, and SSDP at the Belltower on Thursday afternoon (1-4) to help raise awareness of the only marijuana legalizing, PPA abolishing, stop and frisk opposing, civil liberties minded candidate running for council! We will have voter registration forms for anyone willing to help shake up the democratic machine in Philly!

In the bullpen with the Temple Students for Liberty Thursday evening.

In the bullpen with the Temple Students for Liberty Thursday evening.

On with the People’s Business, Sparking a Change

Yesterday our candidate traveled to Allentown for a hearing before Judge Perkin, who sentenced Poe to 1 year of probation in December. The purpose of the hearing was to decide whether the US Probation Office would be permitted to modify the conditions of Poe’s sentence, to ban his association with several named individuals and organizations, and prohibit Mr. Poe from any discussion of an upcoming event. The Poe for City Council Campaign is delighted to announce that Judge Perkin did not prohibit the candidate from contact with any specific individual (the Probation office’s list of names included Poe’s domestic partner), and while he did offer our candidate a strong admonishment that he could not “associate with persons engaged in committed criminal activity or who promote criminal activity,” this condition was an element of the original sentence.

Now that this matter is disposed, neither Poe nor the Campaign staff expect more issues from the US Probation office. Poe will not be failing any more drug tests. We cannot promise that the federal authorities will not continue their efforts to restrict Poe’s freedom as a vehicle to suppress the speech and expression of those who share his disdain for the Drug War, but we can assure you that any such moves by the government will not be invoked by violate activity by Poe.

We are so excited about the next few days of events, and we hope to see you everywhere. Today at 1 we’ll be at the Belltower on Temple’s Campus with Students for Liberty, registering voters and talking issues and concerns for college students.  Then at 7 tonight Poe will host Laughs for Eli: Comedy Fundraiser for the Eli Matthews Foundation, which benefit the fight against childhood Leukemia.  And Saturday, also at Underground Arts, Our Man will MC another event, THE PANIC HOUR PRESENTS: 4/20 EVE EXTRAVAGANJA, with performers American Babies, the Heavy Pets, SensaMotion Band.

Monday we begin Poe’s Tour of Philly, a calendar of appearances throughout the city which will highlight our platform, stay tuned for details. Also on Monday, Poe will hold a Reddit AMA at 4pm, to make-up for last’s night’s scheduled AMA, which our candidate sadly missed due to a vehicle accident.

We’re still striking, still here to Spark a Change.

Statement Regarding Mr. Poe’s Probation and “Drug Troubles”

Yesterday the Philadelphia Daily News ran a story titled “Libertarian City Council candidate facing new federal drug troubles,” about our candidate for Philadelphia City Council Nikki Allen Poe. Mr. Poe and his campaign staff are neither shocked nor embarrassed that the article highlighted the more eye-grabbing mention of the candidate’s failed drug tests, within the US Probation’s office request to modify the terms of Mr. Poe’s 1 year probation. We are disheartened that Christopher Brennan, the News’s political editor and author of the story, selected that element to the exclusion of almost any other and misrepresented its role in this latest move by the federal authorities to extend restrictions upon Mr. Poe’s political activity and associations.

We would prefer not to dignify smears with response, however the incomplete information provided by Mr. Brennan in his online article now combined with a plainly misleading title for the print edition compels us to release the following statement:

Mr. Poe has made his current legal circumstance an open matter of discussion in his campaign, and he is not ashamed about any public disclosure regarding his case. He is currently serving a year of probation for misdemeanor offenses incurred as a result of his organization and participation in Smokedown Prohibition.

The title of this article is demostrably false, Poe's campaign is in no manner "on hold."

The title of this article is demostrably false, Poe’s campaign is in no manner “on hold.”

There are no conditions of Mr. Poe’s probation which limit his capacity to run for or serve on City Council, nor would any of the requested modifications to his sentence which were reported in the Daily News detract from his ability to campaign or hold office in the City of Philadelphia.

Mr. Brennan based his story on the latest filing, which set the date for a hearing before Judge Perkins, the judge who sentenced Poe. The hearing will be held tomorrow afternoon in Allentown, and was requested by Mr. Poe as the alternative to waiving a judge’s approval and accepting his Probation officer’s proposal without any challenge.

The hearing was not, as reported in the Daily News, precipitated by any issue with drug use by Poe, though the document cited by Brennan, which the Daily News neglected to provide a link to or reference for, does include drug use admitted by Poe under the heading for causes for the Probation office’s request. The mention of Poe’s admitted taking of pills and cocaine and his failed drug screens is not, however, the featured issue cited by the Probation officer and is in fact a recent addition. It is also one that has been resolved via referral to one hour a week outpatient drug counseling sessions (a fact mentioned in the document available to Mr. Brennan).

We’d like you to read both documents for yourself. Below is the original request, click for a larger image, and the most recent can be found here.


Click on the image to read the original request from probation for modified terms

While we are disappointed that the Daily News has chosen the vapid and uncannily constructive over the substantive, and failed to report on our promoted campaign issues, we do welcome this opportunity for additional dialogue. The drug use was admitted by Poe, occurred prior to his candidacy. He has been clean since, with two negative screens to prove it. Part of what we love about Poe is his resistance to arbitrary authority, but he opted for a council run to become a part of returning authority to all of us. We will not allow ourselves to be stigmatized offhand by drug use, recreational or otherwise, and we the Poe for City Council Campaign are, again, very much on the go, and we intend to win the vacant at-large seat for the people of Philadelphia.

We will issue a short informational statement tomorrow afternoon giving the disposition of the hearing, and tomorrow night, Poe wants everyone there for his reddit AMA at 7:00 pm.

On behalf of the Committee to Elect Nikki Allen Poe, thank you, thank you thank you, for helping us Spark a Change.

-Kenneth Lipp, Campaign Manager and Consigliere to the Raven

Lighting Up the Campaign Trail – First Week Blitz for Poe for City Council

This week Nikki Allen Poe launched his (whirlwind, Dark Horse, sweetheart) campaign for the open at-large seat on the Philadelphia City Council, left vacant by Councilman Bill Green who is going to the School Reform Commission. The lead-up to the press conference Wednesday was about getting our message to the media, to get to the people; and the work of Campaign staff and all of our amazing supporters who contribute with your well wishes and valuable time was rewarded with impressive coverage, right out of the gate.

Sunday the Brain Trust met at the Panic Hour bunker to talk stragery and enjoy the Kitty’s confectionery prowess. Stephanie is in charge of everything.

The Brain Trust

The Brain Trust

Monday we were at the Scrapple TV studio, shooting campaign videos to inform the public of Poe’s position on ending mandatory arrests for marijuana, putting a stop to Stop and Frisk, and doing away with the predatory and, let’s face it, unfashionable Philadelphia Parking Authority.  The videos we made at Scrapple were ultra-high quality, Dreamworks calibre productions, as always. Watch the official campaign video there, and the one explaining Poe’s position on marijuana.


Before he made his official announcement midweek, Poe’s candidacy was already being broadcast and printed locally as well as nationally. He appeared, remotely, on The Russ Belville Show,  NA Poe for Philadelphia City Council, was on CBS radio and online news with journalist Mike Dunn,  “Local Activist Who Fights For Marijuana Legalization Enters City Council Race.” 

The Philly Daily News’ Political Editor Christopher Brennan covered Poe’s nomination, for both the online story and on page 6 of the Daily News print edition, “Libertarian Party picks pot activist”

Ladybud published a great Q & A with Our Man Poe on Monday too, read it here for a good overview of what our candidate is all about.

Marilyn D’Angelo  for Party Politic covered the release of our first official media – N.A. Poe: Philly’s Libertarian candidate for Council At-Large releases campaign video, and Celebstoner gave Poe a shoutout.

Not one outlet or station has bothered to take any digs or punch below the belt, in fact Phawker gave Our Man Poe a glowing endorsement.

A valiant pre-press conference attempt to make our candidate prettier.

A valiant pre-press conference attempt to make our candidate prettier.

Wednesday we held our first official press conference with supporters and the media at the Rocky Balboa statue in front of the Art Museum (let’s hear it for the underdog!)

Phawker was there to cover the announcement, and their piece demonstrates how easy it is to see through the jokes that Our Man Poe is not kidding about stopping abuses in Philadelphia.

Local Libertarian icon and noted stud-muffin Michael Salvi graced our candidate with an endorsement

These photos by our Media Goddess Vanessa Maria sum up the press conference and how awesome we are


Councilman Poe and the First Kitty

Councilman Poe and the First Kitty


Christopher Monko of Dude Where’s My Change? has been indispensable on the camera and in production, his latest video, from the Rocky statue:

Party Politic has continued to provide coverage of Poe’s bid with “A Common Sense Approach to Cannabis.”

Thursday we began our campus outreach, with a visit to the Temple University Students for Liberty who are, in a word, bad-asses. We discussed pot decriminalization and stop and frisk and the special concern thereof to college students. They agreed to help us get students out to vote, a we’re going to have a table out this Thursday at the bell tower on Temple’s campus to register voters and spread the good tidings of Poe.

In the bullpen with the Temple Students for Liberty Thursday evening.

In the bullpen with the Temple Students for Liberty Thursday evening.

We have more big events in store this week, and we want you at each and every one. We will be at the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center Monday to highlight our position that the fusion center should be defunded. Tuesday we head to District Attorney Seth Williams office to draw attention to stalled pot legislation. Wednesday is End Stop and Frisk day at the 22nd Police District (whose residents are perennial victims). Thursday we’ll be at the Philadelphia Parking Authority in Center City to call for the PPA’s abolishment, and Friday is End the Machine Day at the Electrician Union Headquarters (spark a change indeed *rimshot*).



During this short run we have already seen that we have advantage-ninja when it comes to social media and promotional materials. Our wonderful friends are making all the right kind of noise (and pictures and videos), while it’s nothing but crickets from the other two candidates.

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To help us with campaign expenses (your money will be used to print fliers and for other promotional needs, and depending on the amount raised, we’d love to be able to treat our hard-working videographers and producers like paid interns, because working for free is bullshit), please go to, you can just enter our email and securely send us cheese.

We love you for helping us Spark a Change.