We would absolutely love your help and appreciate it.

We could use : graphic designers, printmakers, street canvassers, promoters, videographers etc etc.

We also need people who are multi talented and available to do small random assignments.

If you are interested in contributing in any way please contact us:






One comment

  1. This is Richard Kane 215-563-2866

    I wish I knew about your candidacy before the Green Party Meeting, Did you not inform Vivek of your candidacy)

    To save time the following EMAIL IS WHAT I SENT to GPOPChat (Green Party of Philadelphia chat)

    A pot activist is running for Special City Council election.

    I apologize for not again scanning the internet before the Green Party Meeting. His candidacy was delayed being accepted due to a probation violation concern. PS I plan to tentatively vote for him upset that he only likes Facebook and Twitter and not the phone. I recognize him. And in my short dealings with him he was quiet and thoughtful,
    Can the next City Committee possible endorse him if he shows up
    Email from RICHARDKANEpa@aol.com 215-563-2866

    The Interfaith Peace Walk is today April 27 good for signatures and good for vibes and results in an ever so slightly more peaceful local community and world.
    1501 Germantown Ave mosque, 2:30pm 4pm,St. Francis Inn – 2441 Kensington Ave, 4:40pm West Kensington Ministry
    Email from RICHARDKANEpa@aol.com 215-563-2866

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